Addictive Personality (Major)

Your hero really likes what he likes. When making an addiction check, he must subtract 5% from his roll. Also, when presented with an addictive substance, he must make a Spirit roll, or he will attempt to purchase the substance and use it at his earliest convenience. If he rolls a critical failure on the check, he will do whatever he can to get the substance, including theft or assault.

Callous (Minor)

With his world smashed, the hero doesn’t much care what the survivors think of him. He is willing to commit murder to further his goals, although he isn’t necessarily Bloodthirsty, and doesn’t take glee in killing. All his Persuasion tests are at a -4 penalty.

Holy Roller (Minor)

The hero responds to these apocalyptic events with renewed, fervent, loudly expressed religious faith. He attempts to fit all his experiences into the Bible, or the Koran, or the Book of Mormon, and to convert anyone he thinks might be open to his preaching and witness at any opportunity.
He suffers a -1 Charisma and Tests of Will when dealing with others who don’t have a similar Holy Roller Hindrance, even fellow members of his own faith or denomination. He adds +1 Charisma when dealing with Holy Rollers of his own sect. (the Test of Will penalty still applies).

Luddite (Minor or Major)

After the Great Collapse, plenty of folks gave up on modern technology. In a lot of places, they didn’thave a choice: the fungus, the war, or the famine had knocked them back a few centuries.
The Minor Luddite Hindrance is the same as the All Thumbs Hindrance; the character is just out of practice with modern technology and thus prefers familiar, proven 19th century gear.
The Major Luddite Hindrance is a conscious decision to abandon the false hope of technological progress altogether. Heroes with Major Luddite will not use or repair any modern gear (after c. 1860),even automatic pistols or breech-loading rifles. They will not willingly travel by car, plane, or advanced watercraft. (They may accept modern medical treatment, though nothing that uses scanners or the like.)


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