When the industries of the world collapsed virtually overnight, certain industries only grew more powerful. The drug industry is one of them. Drugs in Dark Days are manufactured from strange chemicals in laboratories, harvested from plants and fungi that did not exist before the fall, and extracted from animals and other creatures.

Most of them are outright deadly, all of them are addictive.

Addiction Rules:

If a character becomes Addicted to a chemical, he gains the major hindrance Habit toward that drug.

Cumulative Effects:

The effects of drugs stack in two ways: Per Use and Overall.

Cumulative Per Use means that the user can take multiple hits and increase the Effect of the drug, however, that also applies to the Crash effect as well.

Cumulative Overall means that anytime the user uses the drug, the effect is multiplied, even if the user doesn’t use the drug for weeks or months. This mostly applies to Addiction Effects.

Zoom Shroom

Cost per hit: 30-75
Effects: +1 to Agility for 2d6 rounds (Cumulative Per Use).
Crash: (-1 to Vigor, -1 to Strength) for 1d6 hours (Cumulative Per Use).
Addictiveness: Each hit has a 5% chance of causing Addiction (Cumulative Overall).

Zoom Shrooms are harvested in the shadows of the great fungi forests by the desperate and insane. These mushrooms produce “natural” amphetamines that cause an adrenaline upsurge and increase cognitive and physical speed. The user feels completely drained when he Crashes.


Cost per hit: 5-10
Effects: User cannot be Shaken for 1d6 hours.
Crash: (-1 to Vigor) for 2d6 hours.
Addictiveness: Each hit has a 15% chance of causing Addiction (Cumulative Overall).

Slag is exactly what it sounds like. It is the skimming of impurities made while producing Uphorix, and causes a dissociative reaction in the user so that he cannot feel pain. It is used extensively by the poor that suffer from various painful diseases, but many young users take it in conjunction with Supa to take the edge off of the Crash effects.


Cost per hit: 10-20
Effects: +2 to Strength and Ignore Wound penalties for ability rolls for 2d6 rounds (Cumulative Per Use).
Crash: Extreme pain in muscles (Shaken while in effect) and -2 to Vigor for 2d6 hours.
Addictiveness: Each hit has a 10% chance of causing Addiction (Cumulative Overall).

Supa is just juiced-up PCP. Made primarily in Roswell, this drug is popular among street brawlers and arena fighters.


Cost per hit: 75-100
Effects: +2 to Psionics rolls or opposed Psionics rolls and +2d6 Power Points for 2d6 rounds.
Crash: Power Points drop to 0, cannot be recharged for 1d6 hours and user is Shaken for 2d6 hours.
Addictiveness: Each hit has a 5% chance of causing Addiction (Cumulative Overall).

Uphorix is the drug of choice of the rich and powerful, as well as rouge psionics. Most users and sellers of Uphorix have no idea where the drug actually comes from.


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