In this setting, arcane powers are Psionic in nature, meaning that the Brainburn rule is in effect.

There are two types of Psionics in Dark Days, Prometheans and Furies.

Prometheans are the “Bearers of the Flame”. They represent the ordered mind of man, and the drive to civilize and build.

Furies are the “Bearers of the Void”. They represent the entropic mind of man, and the drive to ruin and destroy.

General Powers available to all characters with the Arcane Power (Psionic) edge.

Psionics begin to specialize in their abilities when they reach their first advance. The Seven Spheres of specialization are as follows:

Biokinesis – Powers affecting biological organisms

Telepathy – Mind reading, affecting of emotions, illusions

ESP – Clairvoyance, Precognition

Quantikinesis – Teleportation, disintegration

Telekinesis – Powers that can apply force to physical objects

Thermokinesis – Powers that generate and manipulate temperature, hot and cold

Electrokinesis – Powers that generate and manipulate electromagnetic fields


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