Ranged Weapons for Purchase

Municipal Armory (Clovis)

Weapon Range Damage RoF Cost Weight Shots Min Str. Notes
Colt Agent (9mm) 12/24/48 2d6 1 300 3 17 n/a AP1, Semi Auto
.38 Special Snub 10/20/40 2d6+1 1 275 3 5 n/a AP1, Revolver
Sawn-off 12g 5/10/20 1-3d6 1 225 6 1 n/a See Rulebook Notes on Shotguns

Firearm Accessories

Municipal Armory (Clovis)

Laser Sight – +1 to hero’s Aim roll.
Range: 30
Cost: 250

Suppressor (Handgun and Submachine Guns Only) – The hero’s weapon can be fired and maintain Stealth at a -1 modifier.
Cost: 400

Extended Magazine – Doubles the firearm’s number of shots. Not available for revolvers. The magazines can be kept for use later.
The below costs include the magazine and the ammo to fill it once.
Cost (Small Ammo): 30
Cost (Med Ammo): 75
Cost (Large Ammo): 150

Melee Weapons for Purchase (Not Location Specific)

Weapon Damage Weight Cost Notes
Knife Str+d4 1 5 n/a
Club Str+d4 2 3 n/a
Axe Str+d6 5 10 n/a
Crowbar Str+d4 4 5 n/a
Machete Str+d6 3 15 n/a
Sledgehammer Str+d6 15 5 n/a

Other Weapons

Jumpy Dan’s Explosives Locker (Clovis)

Weapon Range Damage Cost Weight Notes # Available
Molotov Cocktail 5/10/20 2d6 30 2 Med Burst Template, One Round AND successful Agility Check to Light, Sets the AoE on Fire along with anyone inside it (See Fire rules on page 104 of the Rulebook) 6
Dynamite 5/10/20 3d6 100 3 Large Burst Template, Can be bundled for damage increase – i.e.: Two sticks of dynamite do 6d6 of damage on a hit. However, only one stick of dynamite can be thrown. 3 Sticks


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