Clovis was once a town of some size, but the years have not been kind to the outskirts of the town. The population there is about 5% of what would have lived there before the Fall, and most of the town is gutted shells of brick and cinder block buildings with the occasional collapsed wooden structure overgrown with weeds and scrub. You see ancient schoolyards, the playgrounds empty and in rusted ruin and every window, broken, stares out at you with a sense of decay and loss.

Every building outside the walled section of Clovis has been looted for anything of use over the years. Most of the buildings are a serious hazard to enter, and you see huge sections of old brick bowing inward on an old factory of some sort. Every bit of aluminum and steel that has not rusted into dust has been pulled down. Telephone poles have been cut to about knee height with axes for lumber and wire. Walking down the street is a hazard due missing storm drain covers, and the asphalt is shattered into large chunks. A path of packed dirt marks the way made by feet, hooves, and wagon wheels. Lizards, coyotes, and the sick rule out here now, and the citizens of Clovis have no real interest in trying to lay claim to this section of town again.

You come to the northern gate of the walled section of the city, and you are greeted by a shirtless boy of about 8 years. He hails you and opens the gate upon seeing that you apparently are raiders or blood cultists. He closes it without a word and goes back to his perch where he has some ancient toy cars.

The interior of Clovis is a sight better than the outskirts. The citizens long ago decided that the city as a whole was a loss, but they could sustain a small section of the town that would best serve the purposes of the region, including a large railroad station that still sends the occasional train full of soldiers west to fight in the Great Albuquerque Reclamation.

There are houses and shops here in Clovis. You can buy just about anything there is to sell in the region, and the food and drink is a far cry better here than the swill sold to the north and east. The town has a bit of the old normality to it, even though many of the buildings are empty. Clovis is growing again, but she still does not fit. There are about 1200 souls in an area of 5 square miles, so there is lots of room about.

The Magistrate’s office is in the middle of town, in the old town hall. The steps are cracked, but clean. You know Liam Gulney as a practical and insightful leader, generally respected in Clovis.


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