Dark Days

The Broken Bridge

After dispatching the creatures in the pass, the party hears a dull boom in the distance. It sounded like metal falling onto rocks. An ominous sound out here where they should be alone.

As they progress, they encounter the narrow bridge passing over an unnamed gorge in the emptiness between Clovis and the settlements out west. The bridge had been destroyed, leading the party to assume that Pura either knew that they were trailing her, or simply likes to break things. Maybe both, but it is unlikely that a girl, even a girl with a mind made of barbed wire, could wreck the bridge.

The party attempted a dangerous crossing using rope and seat belts scavenged from an abandoned car. Every inch gained was fraught with tension as the party members moved one at a time across the gap. Disaster finally struck when Ballmer took his turn, and slipped from the rope and fell nearly 100 feet onto the debris and rocks below. He would not respond to calls, and the setting sun did not allow enough light to reach him so the party could determine whether or not he was dead. The party then had no choice but to head to the nearest settlement for aid, as they did not have enough rope to reach him.

The Abominations in the Pass

The party makes its way out of Clovis and heads west hot on the trail of the terror in a girl’s body named Pura. On the way, they are ambushed by a mob of twisted creatures that seem to have once been human. The sickeningly sweet smell of infected flesh filled the air as the party destroyed the beasts.

Something is very wrong here.


Our heroes arrive at Clovis and meet Theresa, the Mayor’s secretary. She seems ok, if not rather alarmed when she tells the shiny new Regulators that a fiend has escaped from Clovis’ prison. A girl named Pura. At least, she was a girl when they threw her in there. This Pura has a mind full of iron and poison, as has proven that she has the desire and ability to hurt people with it. A LOT of people.

The Regulators are tasked with returning Pura to prison, or neutralizing the threat. The latter is preferable to Theresa, as Pura killed Theresa’s husband in her escape.

The party is also joined by two deputies, Murphy and Ballmer. Murphy expresses a certain… terror at the prospect of actually meeting their quarry.

Hard Justice at the Waystation
Don't Steal Kara's Bike. Seriously.

The Regulators have been assigned to duty at Clovis.

On the way down, they met with some bandits at the old waystation between Pleasant Hill and Clovis. Three armed men and one mean dog. The bandits demanded money for passage on the road to Clovis and made some ungentlemanly comments about Kara and her bike.

Charles put down the leader right promptly, seeing how the bandit brought a club to a gunfight. The rest fell soon after, including that poor stupid dog. Kara showed a hard edge as she blew a bandit to kingdom come when he tried to take her bike to escape. She knocked him prone, then blew his brains out as he lay on the ground.

Watch out, Clovis. Hard justice is coming to town, and she ain’t the forgiving type.

The Regulators were a bit disturbed to realize that they had seen one of the bandits sitting in that very spot waving at travelers with his family not more than five years ago. No information was found about the whereabouts of his family.


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