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The world has gone down into darkness. Vast cities now lie in ruins, ancient superhighways lead to nowhere, and the children of men struggle against strange seasons and a hostile land to feed their hungry mouths. New York, London, Paris, Moscow, Tokyo, Beijing, all names once common in conversation now only occupy the minds of the historian and explorer. Nightmare forests of gigantic fungi now dictate the borders of counties and states, as no one dares to enter their deadly shade. Strange creatures lurk at the edge of night, scraping and wheezing, waiting for their chance to embrace and consume the living.

The world has gone down into darkness, and no one can say why.

But hope arises. Warriors and leaders arise from the ashes and seek to bring order back to these broken countries. Young men and women seek to find their fortune and fame by pushing back the darkness and bringing hope to the oppressed.

Promise has also come from more unexpected places. Like fire coming down from the heavens, people have found within themselves a flame that was not there before. Like Prometheus of old, these people bring hope and new life from places unknown. Humanity now controls the immaterial with their minds as they once controlled the material with their hands. Elements and energy are created out of nothing, objects are moved by invisible forces, even the minds of men and beasts can be touched and even molded by the newly awakened Psionics.

But the heart of man has never been tied to ideals. The towns and compounds are filled with opportunists, from corrupt warlords to zealous Blood Cults.

What will you be? Will you carry the fire and bring hope to all mankind? Or will you go down the path of all flesh, like your fathers before you while the world is consumed by the wicked?

Welcome to these Dark Days.

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